Newborn safety during your session

August 20, 2019

Newborn safety


As a professional newborn photographer, newborn safety during a session is number 1 priority. I never put a baby's comfort or safety at risk just for a shot. These rules are posted in my studio for parents to see.

Below are a few studio rules that I follow so rest assured your little one is in great hands!

Arlo (2)Arlo (2)


Number 1


I always wear my camera strap around my neck. My cameras and the variety of lens's I have are very heavy and made of hard material. This way equipment will never fall onto baby. I always take my camera off each time I am posing baby as I am careful my camera doesn't bump or swing onto baby. I have been known to lose my camera in this process!


Number 2


We never leave baby unattended. If I need to grab a wrap or something I ask the parents to grab it or I have them spot baby while I am getting needed items. This also includes having mom or dad be a spotter for some shots. Baby's have startling reflexes and we avoid falls at all times.


Number 3 


We always support baby's head and neck. You are also told this in the hospital, but baby's heads are larger and heavier and they have not built up the strength their necks to control them. I also make sure when posing their neck isn't too far back which puts pressure on their delicate spine or too far forward that puts pressure on their esophagus. Some of my photos are composites which means I take a few pictures with mom or dad holding the head or neck and then I use Photoshop magic to remove those hands!


Arlo (10)Arlo (10)


Number 4

I never force a bay into a pose and I watch their circulation. Baby's are like us and everyone has a different level of flexibility. I also don't want to unsettle baby so If I see they are moving or making faces, starting to cry in a pose I move them right away into a more comfortable pose. I also watch for limbs and color. If a baby's feet is turning purple, the circulation is being cut off or is very limiting so I move them into a different pose or make adjustments.


Number 5

I avoid fall risks. I have a variety of lens that allow me to zoom out when shooting right above a baby so I don't need to stand on anything. This is for my safety, but also for your baby's safety.




Number 6

I have a prop addiction and always adding to my extensive collection! I use safe props. My props are chosen for safety and the right size for baby. I love vintage props, but I carefully inspect them for splinters, nails, made of glass or anything that could hurt a baby.  I have lots of soft materials that I use to make the prop comfortable and I also use weights at the bottom of some props so baby is more secure.


If you have more questions about safety measures or what to expect during your session, don't hesitate to reach me. 

xoxo Sheila


The baby whisperer



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