I grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan and I'm the oldest of five children. My background is in Early Childhood Development  and I has been working with children, youth and adults with disabilities for over 20 years. I enjoy chocolate, reading, animals and of course spending time with my partner and step son. This summer we are watching our home being built and I have a wonderful home studio planned!


For the past  10 years I have been working for the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living.  I  manage a provincial disability program where I work towards a community that is inclusive for all.  In the spring of 2016 I became Vice President of Prairie Bear books where our mission is to make books accessible for all children and youth across the province.


I have always had a passion for photography and in May of 2011 Sheila

Anderson Photography was created. I saved up and bought my first 

DSLR,  read the manual from front to back and even enrolled in a local 

class on digital photography to hone my skills. The more I became 

acquainted with my camera and learned how to manipulate it, the more

I fell in love with the art of taking pictures. I continues to take workshops

and courses to keep me growing as a photographer. Today, I am proud to say

that I have had hundreds of fabulous people step in front of my lens.  


Drop me a line with any comments and requests. I would love to capture

photos that truly represent you and create your lasting memories.